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Winch Installation

You’ll get stuck out there, guaranteed, if do a lot of off-roading. You will be glad to have a winch with you in such a situation. We provide the very best brands, like Smittybilt and WARN.

Winch Installation at Mile High Offroad

If you go off-roading, you will get stuck. “When?” you ask. To which we reply, “We don’t know.” But one day it will happen.  Proper winch installation is a vital part of your toolkit while you are enjoying the back country in your Jeep, 4×4, or SxS.

The Tougher the Trail, the more Your Need a Good Winch

The more challenging the terrain you navigate, the more a winch will help you in such a situation. And, unlike many components of off road vehicles, you can easily transfer your winch to your next ATV. At Mile High Offroad, we offer the best brands, such as WARN and Smittybilt.

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