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Off Road Vehicle Repair

With our expert diagnostic skills, our professionals can find and fix just about any ATV problem, from transmission replacements down to the most basic repairs like belts and hoses Body and Suspension Lift Kits.

Off Road Vehicle Repair Services at Mile High

When your 4X4 SXS or any ATV needs repairs or maintenance, bring it on in! We are experts in of road vehicle repair.  With our decades of experience, we’ve been serving off-road enthusiasts for decades! Here is just a sampling of our most requested off-road repair services. If you need anything that is not listed, we can likely take care of it.

State of the Art

With a state-of-the-art diagnostic process, our experts can fix just about any ATV problem, from simple belts and hoses to transmission replacements. Bring in your rig for a quote!

Other Services at Mile High Offroad